7 December 2010

Gayu is a pretty lanky girl of around 25, a successful professional and based in Singapore. 5 years ago, she found a lump under her armpit. Her very worried parents took  her to a top hospital in Singapore and within days after diagnosed with benign lumps under both armpits, she was scheduled for an operation to remove it. Surgery went smoothly but after about a month, Gayu noticed that the wound had become somewhat infected and abcessed. She went back to the hospital and a dressing was done and she was given antibiotics. However, after she had downed all her antibiotics, the problems re occur and her chagrined parents took her again to the hospital where they were being told that she has hyper cell growth which causes the problem to recur. The solution was to have another surgery and at the time, Gayu couldn't stand with the pain that she opted not to go through again. So for 5 years, she'd wear a bandage under both armpits due to the puss that keeps oozing out from the wound.

Early this year, her brother-in-law told her about Pusat Rawatan Kontemporari (Pusat Rawatan Herbapati Warisan) and said that she should give it a try. She got the first appointment on Tuesday and came back for the operation the next week. The procedure was done smoothly and there was minimal pain. Barely 10 minutes after the surgery, she came walking out quite normally and the parents couldn't be more thankful.

After the dressing the next day, Gayu and her grateful parents made their way back to Singapore. Last I heard, she is recuperating so well, she don't need to be wearing the perpetual bandage anymore. She is happy and now she has more freedom of movement.


Hello! Welcome to Babel. A mother to 4 blazing kidz, I have a keen sense of criticism and not shy to voice out my opinions, so says my children. I am an extremely good judge of people so that most everybody is Ghandi to me at first, until they proved otherwise. My astigmatism compels me to look at everything in earnest, everything looking askew. I blame my perfectionist streak on the ruler marks underneath all my wall hangings in my house. My interests are varied and busy but still I think I can save the world. If I don't have my hands in wet sticky muddy batter, I will be in front of the computer, trying to write something coherent. My writings are sincere and serious, mostly about me. None of them are influenced by the chocolaty-sugar-laden-creamy food which is the major part of my palate. I was told I talked a lot when I was a child but now I prefer to channel my thoughts thru my fingers, less irritating to the listening ears. I have a vivid imagination and loves movies very much. My passion for art has become my business and I love nothing better than to stare at lush greens on a long comfortable settee with a pina colada on one side and a book to transport me to fantastic adventures.

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